Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Xandy Bar?

I can only assume that because I've started blogging, I'm now a member of the cutting edge of society. That must of been the reason the guy downtown last night offered me a xandy bar.

What's a xandy bar you ask? Good question. I first thought he was trying to invite me to go to a club with him, so of course, I responded "Huh? Where do you want me to go?" That's when he told me "no no no no," a xandy bar is something you eat when you are drinking. According to my new friend, you can drink all you want without getting drunk.

Now, for starters, that doesn't sound exciting. If I'm drinking that much, the drunk part is really the only payoff. If I'm trying to push some drugs on the street, I'm promising either a great high or that somehow you'll finally become charming to members of the opposite sex. Needless to say, I declined his offer.

Come to find out, xandy bar is slang for xanax. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not up on all the latest lingo, but a quick search of Google yielded only 1 website that had both xanax and xandy bar. Urban dictionary decribes it as xanax pills pushed into a candy bar, but I wonder if it might just be referring to xanax bars, the 2 mg dosage pills. Oh, and that whole not getting drunk thing that was part of the sales pitch? Yeah, let's try "multiplies the effect of alcohol" and "life threatening," according to Alprazolam.

From my standpoint, I really don't find the drug that interesting. What really excites me is that I may actually have crossed over into the category of "people who know things."

Gstdog, trend watcher and futurist, reporting.

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