Sunday, May 21, 2006


Let me just say that Microsoft Word is TEH SUCK!!

5/23/2006 - Update: It has been mentioned that this post doesn't have much meaning without any context. I'm here to give it the same context that Microsoft gave me when it displayed this gem on my flat panel screen.

So I'm working in Outlook, where I apparently (and foolishly it would seem) have Word as my default editor. Talk about overkill. I definitely don't need to be editing my e-mails using MS Word, what with all the kick-ass Word Art I'm not using. Well, Outlook seems to feel the same way, slowing to a crawl or hanging altogether after I've had it open for more than a few minutes. Generally, when this happens, I give my keyboard the 3-fingered salute and just restart the process. This time however, I decided to let Windows tell me what the problem was so I could do a little troubleshootin' know, maybe figure out what was wrong and make some changes so it doesn't happen again. After suffering through a few cryptic messages, doing my best to pinpoint hardware vs. software issues, Windows finally gave me the detailed error message you see above.

Hitting ok ony prolonged the agony, as this message would reappear each time I chased my errors down their respective rabbit holes. Thank you Microsoft, for bloating a perfectly good app to the point that it collapses under its own weight.

It is with this resolve that I stand by my original, slightly more succinct, statement:

Microsoft Word is TEH SUCK!

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