Saturday, May 13, 2006

Episode VII - Demolition

To the right, please find a picture of our boy George Lucas. Happy days for George as he steers his epic science fiction juggernaut through Episode I. At this point in time, Jar Jar Binks has yet to be unleashed on the world, and our Star Wars memories are still pure. The future looks bright for the billionaire director and little Luke's daddy..

Fast Forward 7 years to May 2006, in a small Florida town outside of Orlando. A concrete sidewalk has been compromised in a newly constructed subdivision. Repairs are in order and a crew is on the scene. Two padawan workers begin the arduous task of breaking up the cement with a sledgehammer while their supervisor keeps a watchful eye on the progress. With this happening in my front yard at 8 am on a Saturday, I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter!

I thought, perhaps, Episodes 7,8,9 were on some secret drawing board somewhere in Utah. Maybe a computer animated Star Wars flick set in the expanded universe...George has to be busy with that stuff, right?

Holy fuck of holy potato!

The following sequence is not photoshopped.

Update: I can't believe how stupid I was. This is the real reason Lucas was in Central Florida.

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