Sunday, May 07, 2006

Most efficient RAID use ever

So, you start with a walk downstairs at 2:30 am to get some water, or maybe a baby bottle, whatever. You flip on a light to discover a 1 inch wolf spider in the center of your living room. Closer inspection reveals a large number of spider babies hitching a ride. Thinking you don't want your daughter's play zone to become Charlotte's web, you act fast, dropping a sophisticated spider trap on the creature, immobilizing her and her small army.

A sheet of paper underneath and you've got a self-contained spider transport...if that's what you're into. Me, not so much. Being tired and understandbly protective of my family, this chick and her spawn aren't going anywhere. But what to do. If I pick up the cup to smash her, some of the babies will undoubtedly escape. Even if they don't, who wants to clean up hundreds of squashed spider carcasses? Don't get me wrong, I like spiders plenty, but Charlotte was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Not wanting a massacre requiring massive cleanup, I decided for a more subtle approach. Finding some Ant & Roach RAID in the garage, I had a hunch that the spiders may have a hard time with the stuff as well. I sprayed a little on the paper and then slyly slid the cup over the poisoned area, with our spider and her babies inside. I placed the RAID can on top of the cup and went to bed.

(click images for a larger view)

I don't know how long they lasted in the deadly chamber, but when I came down this morning, my spider nemesis and her spawn were no more. Unbelievably, she had crammed at least 200 babies on her back while barely looking much larger than her normal self. At 200 to 1 reproductive ratio, these guys are here to stay.

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Gstdog said...

You redeem yourself slightly by actually taking the time to number the dead spiders. Kudos.