Thursday, July 15, 2004

M-1 Abrams tank nicknames

U.S. tank crews (aka TREAD HEADS) in the Middle East have taken to naming their vehicles in the field with stencils and spray paint. There's not much on the internet detailing the best names, but here is a small article outlining the grass roots morale movement. A dead link from last year showed a long row of M-1 Abrams tanks, each with a name painted on the barrel. My favorite? The term for acquiring a target's range and potential firepower needed for its destruction: BALLISTIC SOLUTION.

"Each side of the main gun tube is stenciled with white letters over a black background; cutout photos of a Saddam Hussein doll dressed in drag are pasted next to the name.

Naming the tanks is a heated process. The tank crews offer up their suggestions; the tank commander can veto the crew; and the higher company leadership has final say over whether the names are too offensive to grace a multimillion-dollar piece of military hardware."

Name this tank

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Happy Birthday to me!

Heading to PEPSI 400 tomorrow night. Could be very cool. Throwing 4th of July bash Sunday afternoon. Taking tomorrow off to rest up.