Friday, May 26, 2006

The Weekly DORNA

Okay, maybe I should change the name since I can't seem to stick to a schedule. Thus, let's just see if I can manage to do it once a week. Ahh, but lucky you--this is a another special addition. The latest selection on has inspired me to collect the greatest trailer mashups on line. So here they are, in no particular order: (...and as Fark would say, difficulty: no Breakback Mountain jokes).

  1. The Shining: Wow. This is probably the most impressive parody I've ever seen. It's amazing what a little background music and a voiceover can do. It's enough to make you forget that this is actually one of the best horror films ever made. In fact, I almost want to see this new film more than most of the crap in the theaters today.
  2. Ten Commandments: Another great example of what you can do with a contemporary soundtrack and a great voiceover can do. My favorite part: Yul Brenner saying, "Moses...Moses..." Not quite as good, but here is the other film they reference in the trailer, Must Love Jaws.
  3. Toy Story & Requiem for Dream: Only because I love both of these movies. Requiem for a Dream is one of the best films I've ever seen but always forget about. Unbelievably stylish with a great soundtrack. Plus, how can you not love a movie that ends with a quote like "ass to ass." The mix-up with Toy Story is incredible.
  4. Harry Potter: Okay, I said no Brokeback Mountain parodies, but this is definately worth watching. Since this originated on the E! network, I figured I'd give them credit and show you the original version.

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