Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wednesday's Desire or Really Nice Ass

Damn. Okay, I missed my deadline by a few hours. But, in my defense, I am traveling to New York this weekend and had a few errands to run. Okay, I lied. I was drinking! Is that what you wanted me to say? Fine....

Anyway, here's a couple selections for this week:

  1. Baby Name Tool: No, I'm not advocating baby production (both editors of this blog have done enough of that lately). But this is a rather nifty tool to show the popularity of names over the past century. Although, this is a classic example of someone developing a tool that seems cool, yet serves no practical purpose. You can't sort names by popularity, so you're left "fishing" names out of thin air to search for. Nevertheless, still worth your time to play with for 5 minutes.
  2. 3rd World Farmer: There's got to be a system to beat this game, but I haven't figured it out yet. Wives are helpful because they not only come with a dowry, but they also provide a nice death buffer in the event of a famine (i.e., they die, not you). Maybe Sean can impress me with a screen shot of how much wealth he can accumulate. The real "measure" of the game is how long you live, which seems like it could be boring really fast.
  3. Banned Commercial: I'm convinced that this commercial wasn't actually banned, but that it was cheaper for the company (Microsoft) to just pretend it was banned and create a swirl on the Internet. Still, the effect is fascinating the first time you watch it.

Yes, I know, the list is terribly short, but I don't have my blog notebook with me, so I only could post the ones I remember. Maybe I'll do a extended version next week.


Anonymous said...

how queer?

Anonymous said...

I agree, you really have to love another man's balloon knot to post something like that.

Yojay said...

That commercial can't be banned. Why? and Where? I will get to the bottom of this...and how!

Yojay said...

Those 2 anonymous comments make no sense.