Friday, May 26, 2006

Requiem for a Dream Revisited

I decided to do a little research and try to bring Requiem to a Dream to light, but once again, why reinvent the wheel? On his web page, Mike Butler describes it perfectly:

The most memorable part of "Requiem for a Dream" is the fast-paced, soul-scrapingly disturbing, epilepsy-inducing climax where the lives of the main characters go completely and irreversibly to shit.

Yup, that's what I remember. But his web page is more of a homage to the "Ass-to-Ass" guy:

It takes a special character to pull off introducing a sex act involving a huge black double dildo simultaneously anally penetrating two girls on a coffee table, and The Ass-to-Ass Guy doesn't disappoint. In the credits of "Requiem," there is no "Ass-to-Ass" Guy listed, however we think that he is the character listed as Uncle Hank played by Stanley B. Herman. I'm not sure how he got cast to be the Ass-to-Ass guy, but from what I can tell it was the role he was born to play.

But don't worry friends. Did you think I would leave you in the dark? Of course not. Here is the scene, in all it's glory:

My favorite part is the way he looks at the crowd, like he has just said the most profound words ever spoken, and he has to repeat them just in case the effect didn't sink in. Either that, or watching a young Jennifer Connelly take it "ass to ass."

Update 1: From the South Park Production Studios (yes, I'm a little confused too, but just go with me on this on, okay?), here is a great way to introduce my favorite expression into your vernacular:

"Ass to Ass": A pleasant way to express excitement while referencing Requiem for a Dream. As in, "Wait, there's no writers' meeting today? Ass to ass!"

Update 2: You really need to watch the video a few times to really appreciate the scene. My only question is why I never get invited to parties like that? Sean? You've got connections, right?

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