Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cosplay goes wrong....VERY wrong.

Always on the hunt for new blog content, I venture out looking for some interesting cosplay. After a few twists and turns through Google, I find a promising link. So I click away and see some streaming video loading up. Hey, this could be fun, right? Maybe I'll get to see someone reenact a video game or something.

Now, I've come to expect a little weirdness from cosplay sites, so I'm not too surprised by the set-up. She's got her mom's bed sheets pinned up to the ceiling next to the computer. You'd think with as much time these people spend on making their costumes look authentic, they could do a little bit more with the background scenery, but oh well. Oh look, there's a girl coming into view. Damn...I can't really make out her face. Not that it's too important, but if I'm going to watch some cosplay battle unfold on a web cam, she can at least be somewhat attractive, yes? Oooh, wait! She's standing up and coming over the the camera.

Uh oh....I'm getting a feeling that this more porn than cosplay. Yes, yes--I see them. You can stop shaking them in my face. Okay, that's enough of that; it's time to go back to Google. I guess this site wasn't what I expected. And yet, I haven't stopped watching. You know what? I'm starting to get a really weird vibe. Something about this feels wrong. Not in a having-sex-with-a-cousin kind of way, but more of a is-the-girl-I'm-having-sex-with-wearing-a-flesh-colored-body-suit kind of way.

Holy shit of holy potato! What the *$#*Y% is that?? Is this cosplay? What the hell is this? Is someone paying for this? I can only imagine who would sit and watch a costumed character (oh's probably a guy underneath that mask) undress on a web cam. But you know something, she's...just...sitting there...staring at me. Just keeps staring. I think those are actually chills running down my spine. Am I going to get in trouble? Should I be watching this? Is she angry? What the hell is she waiting for? She's done nothing but watch me for 2 minutes! Maybe I should go. Wait! She's moving...

..and getting a cell phone!?! Oh hell, is she calling me? Abort! Abort! Alt-F4!

Okay, let's not panic. It's time to be realistic. Surely I'm not the only person logged on to her site viewing her webcam. And of course she doesn't have my phone number! How ridiculous of me. Let's go back and try to figure this out.

Oh God! It's like those damn creepy eyes are penetrating into the dark recesses of my soul.

...and she's waving at me, and she's doing that little finger thing, and....okay I'm done!

So there you go. There's no way you can appreciate my experience without seeing this for yourself. Here is the link (, but I also recommend checking out the main site and viewing the archives. Me? I'm going to be in my closet huddled up in the fetal position for the next couple of hours.

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