Friday, June 10, 2005

Squarespace - Blogging Evolved

Squarespace - Blogging Evolved: "What is Squarespace?
Squarespace is the universal answer to the question: How do I put my _________ online? Fill in the blank on your own: Blog? Business documents? Web site? Fluffy kitty pictures? They're all covered. We let you snap together a web site in a flash that will allow you to manage all of your unique content right in one place. It can be as professional or personal as you want. Who's Squarespace for?
Bloggers. Independent professionals. Small businesses. Anyone who needs to maintain a web presence, but wants exacting control over their site, and powerful publishing features that cover everything from blogs to files. No technical skill is required. You provide the ideas, we turn those into your site. It's that easy. You can get started right away, or learn more."

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