Monday, June 27, 2005

Robotic Security Guard

"Recent research at the Learning Systems Laboratory of AASS has focussed on a complete mobile robotic application, namely a Robotic Security Guard for remote surveillance of indoor environments. This robot will learn how to patrol a given environment, acquire and update maps, keep watch over valuable objects, recognise known persons, discriminate intruders from known persons, and provide remote human operators with a detailed sensory analysis. The system should enable automation of many security operations and reduce the risk of injury to human workers. The design philosophy is based on augmenting remote human perception with super-human sensory capabilities, including:

  • omni-directional vision,
  • hi-resolution pan-tilt-zoom camera,
  • laser and ultrasonic range-finder sensors,
  • thermal infrared camera for human detection, and
  • metal-oxide gas sensors for chemical monitoring. "

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