Friday, June 10, 2005

Overview of the Schapelle Corby Case

"Schapelle Corby's lawyers have several points to make.
Why, if Corby was smuggling the drugs, did she not take the basic precaution of putting a lock on her bodyboard bag?
Why did she not put the drugs behind the bodyboard, which would have concealed them from anyone opening the bag? Why did she not try to conceal the contents of the plastic bags?
Why would anyone risk a death sentence smuggling marijuana to Bali, where it will sell for much less than in Australia?
Where is the police evidence that Corby or any of her family had connections with drug traffickers?
The federal police confirm that Corby has no criminal record. Queensland police have no intelligence to relate her to drugs.
The drug's wholesale price in Brisbane is $4000 for half a kilogram. Where did a woman who works in a fish and chip shop get the $36,000 it could cost to buy 4.1 kilograms?"

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