Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Somehow they got smart...indeed

I can only assume that this application is some type of extension of Skynet, but I won't worry about the details. Check out this application for making prank phone calls. Here's how it works: it can spoof any caller ID that you like. I've tried it out on my phone (...uh oh, does that mean Skynet now has my number? Crap!) and it's amazing. I set it up to look like Yojay was calling me and viola--15 seconds later my phone was ringing and the caller ID said Yojay. Only, it wasn't Yojay, but a computer voice reading the text I had entered.

Yeah, no one will EVER get in trouble with this thing. All I can say, is that it's a good thing I'm an adult now, because if they had stuff like this when I was a kid, I would have been arrested several times.

Okay, enough Sky Lab--who is actually doing this? Well the quick-and-dirty application is created by Office Solutions Plus. Check out their mission statement:

Office Solutions Plus is a full service web hosting, web design, and computer repair company. We have actively been involved in the computer industry since 1998. We continually strive to upgrade our knowledge and expertise in the internet arena, so that our clients can compete in the global climate with confidence and assurance in knowing that Office Solutions Plus is here to help 24/7.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? How the hell does a prank phone call bot help clients compete in the global climate? Somehow, this doesn't seem like a good fit.

Well, I can't give Office Solutions Plus all the credit. See, they just put together a quick-and-dirty front end application for the real deal, a phone notification appication created by CYDNE corporation. From their website, they "develops, markets and supports a comprehensive suite of data enhancement, data quality and data analysis Web services and business intelligence integration."

....wait a minute, what was the name of that company that made Skynet? Cyberdyne? CYDNE? Oh Shit!

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