Friday, July 21, 2006

You're the man now dog!

I can't really say I understand it, but I sure had fun surfing the site. You may have noticed my link for "The Machine" in my last post was from Check out this wiki article to get up to speed. Although I can't imagine why this Picard song launched them to fame...then again, I have had it playing in the background for the past five minutes (hmm, maybe I should rip it to my iPod).

Actually, I've found wikipedia to be such a great diversion lately. It really opens your eyes to all the stuff that you don't know. From wikipedia:

The community has, on multiple occasions, demonstrated its ability to rise up and unite for a common goal - something which has been seen as both impressive and worrying by people from both within and outside the community. Goldberg used the words "A vulgar display of power" and a member of the community stated that "YTMND is powerful and has the potential to fuck folks over big time."

Oooh. I like the sound of that. Anyway, point being, who knew that the users of YTMND and Ebaum's World engaged in an all out war in January of 2006? I don't really understand this post, but I'm sure it inspired YTMND users to greatness during their battles. Hmm....Yojay--maybe we should get in a fight with another blog to drive more traffic to our site?

Sorry. I've gotten off track. Anyway, something is really appealing about these retro-cool slide shows and looped sound files. Hey, who needs YouTube? I'd like to my favorites, but there are too many. Just go and check them all out.

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