Thursday, July 06, 2006

Google Search hacking

Yeah, ok. So it's a book...for sale. But it's also part of a constantly evolving website called

These guys (well, at least one guy named Johnny Long) detail ways to unlock the information on the internet using Google, going beyond the newly pedestrian act of merely finding the answer to almost any question instantaneously. If knowledge is power, then Google hacking approaches absolute power. I can understand the thrill of the hacker conquest. I was guilty of a few crosses over the legal line in the fledgling BBS days of PC networking (er..Atari 800 dial-up phreaki..I've said too much). But the best part about these hacks is that they're barely hacks at all. They require no coding by the end user. They are all engineered to work through the Google front end, exposing the incredible power of Google to sort through the impractically infinite internet haystack for as many needles as you want. Be sure to check out categories like:

  • Various Online Devices: This category contains things like printers, video cameras, and all sorts of cool things found on the web with Google.
  • Web Server Detection: These links demonstrate Google's awesome ability to profile web servers..
Surely there are unlimted ways to dig for data. I recommend using these as a starting point and 'hacking' your way to your own happiness, whatever that may be. And if it requires a password, chances are, you can find it using google...

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