Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Bet -- Day 15

Did you think I gave up? Nope--just that whole lifestyle adjustment thing. The amount of time to run, eat correctly, and blog about it ran smack into the juggernaut that is my kids last week. Unfortunately, something had to lose, and the state of Florida is pretty adamant about leaving children unattended for long periods of time.

Nevertheless, the training continued. I find my biggest stumbling block is that I find running boring. I can only last about 10-15 minutes before I get extremely bored and frustrated with the whole damn thing. I haven't found anyone to run with me, so it makes things difficult. Still, I've kept up at it, continued to eat well, and am now in pretty good shape. Dropping alcohol from the diet (an unrelated event, but fortuitous none the less) made a huge difference--I've lost 10 pounds in two weeks.

So where do I stand on the bet? I still put my chances at 50/50. I ran a mile in 5:30 yesterday, so I feel like I have a shot. The real question is can I do enough long distance running to build up my endurance. I have no problem running every day for 15-20 minutes. Beyond that, though, I haven't been able to muster much. Maybe that will be enough? Perhaps, but at least I'm in great shape for soccer season and the upcoming canoe races.

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