Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Weekly DORNA

It's back, and I'm loving the new random schedule. It gives me the freedom to ignore my obligations, but at the same time, I can act offended if Yojay accuses me of not contributing. Anyway, without further delay, here they are:

  1. Kick-Ass Pong: Okay, maybe that's not the title, but that's what it should be. The simplicity of the control, the effortless fun, and the thrill of hitting a wicked curve is just too much. My first try got me to Level 7, but my anti-virus update started and then slowed everything down. Perhaps this could be the new featured "War Game" of Listen Up? Especially since I haven't gotten past 11,000 meters in Nanaca Crash in two months.
  2. Alizée: Okay, I admit it. Sometimes I click on those "other" links on Fark (only if they say SFW, I swear!). But this time paid off. Alizée is a young French pop star, and she happens to be quite mesmorizing in this live performance. Here is another video, that seems to be the same song, but an English version. I know what you're thinking, and your half right. No, she's 22, so it shouldn't make you feel bad that you're watching. But yes, I probably have no taste in music (I thought the Spice Girls were kind of catchy when they first came out).

    On a side note, I happened to be listen to the Philips Phile (local radio talk show in Orlando) the other day, and the host was pretty adamant that French women are not attractive. I think I will formally log my dissenting opinion.
  3. Net Neutrality: Sometimes the Weekly DORNA has a theme, sometimes it doesn't. This week, I'm throwing in a serious topic, because I'm a little passionate about it. Google has officially weighed in on the issue, and if you haven't formed an opinion about this, you really should. The freedom of the Internet is a stake. Okay, no more serious stuff--back to the normal DORNA. (Editor's note: I promise to find a better medium to be political in the future--more like the Ask a Ninja clip from last week).
  4. Wonder Showzen: Check out this clip from the show running on MTV2. Nothing quite like hearing a child say "that's the dark side of capitalism" or "hot dogs give me energy so I can fight my demons." Come for the funny kids, but stay for the education in hot dog production.
  5. Bush as a Jedi: "Hehehe...saber beats rock!" Nothing more can be said.


Yojay said... did you miss this video

Yojay said...

At first I thought the PONG game was a joke that never got past Level 7. Then I remembered how AWESOME I AM!

Check the screen cap here.

Gstdog said...

Trust me. I didn't miss anything. There are a couple great videos out there.