Thursday, June 15, 2006

Best Blackberry signatures

I recently added an auto signature to my Blackberry messages:

"(From my Blackberry)"

Short simple and to the point.

Why do I have a special Blackberry signature? To let people know I am not being short or abrupt, it's just a pain to write long messages and edit on the little keypad. This is my subtle 'out' from verbosity and embedded graphics and advanced hyperlinking, etc...

The standard signature used at our company has been a version of:

"This message was composed on a Blackberry Wireless handheld. Kindly excuse any typos, abbreviations or brevity."

Recently, I got a message signed:

"Written on a tiny keyboard. Please excuse any typos"

Clever and a little mysterious, yet not too unprofessional. I am making the leap that she is using a Blackberry.

I got to thinking about other possible signatures we could use on these things:

  • "Written with my thumbs, give me a break. From my Blackberry."
  • "Probably written while driving, please contact 911 if end of this message is garbled. From my Blackberry"
  • "Currently ignoring family and friends. Please treat this message accordingly. From my Blackberry."
  • "This probably didn't require immediate attention, but I'm not in my office and I'm trying to look productive. From my BlackBerry."

What else is out there?

Some good ones from this site:
  • "Fat Fingers + BlackBerry = What you just read"
  • "Sent from my berry, fore!!!"
  • "I totally didn't just send this to you from the can. No, really, I swear."
  • "Sent from my Blackberry Wireless Handheld. Sorry about the speling."
  • "Sent from the window office that corners."

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