Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Weekly DORNA

Yup, sure am glad I decided to drop the "Wednesday" from the title of my submission. Although soon I may drop the "Weekly" and replace it with "Random." Hmm...that may be a good idea for next week, er...random occurrence.

So here they are, the things you should read or watch this week:

  1. Ask a Ninja: This guy is hilarious, so I am sure there are other episodes worth watching. This one is especially funny as he explains the issue of net neutrality. I could agree more: "that's what the internet is all about: people in funny hats making things people like."

    Update: Actually, I haven't found an episode I don't like yet. The most recent one on the home page is great. "Watching the Matrix is like watching a retarded bear in the circus...it's painful, and it's annoying, but it's just frustrating, because you wish there was something you can do."
  2. Awesome Town: Don't watch the whole thing, but the first five minutes are great. Jack Black as George Washington is classic, and the opening theme song is pretty funny. Actually, maybe its not. In fact, most of the sketches are terrible. But you know what, Jack Black is worth it. Watch the beginning, and if you have time, watch the rest of it and see why Fox, MTV, and Comedy Central all passed on this.
  3. Jaws: The Musical: I am so jealous, only because Disney would never let its Cast Members do something like this. Or am I speaking out of school? Shall I call upon the great defender of GMR? What say you spieler? Am I wrong? Would Disney have ever let you guys do something like this?

    The best part is the "Don't Cry for me Argentina" spoof where the manager explains whey they have to close the attraction. Unbelievable. Really. I say again...I'm jealous.
  4. Windows Vista Review: Check out this great review:

    Heat - Forget chemical castration for sex offenders. Most of these guys are hooked on internet porn anyways... just give them a laptop with a free net connection and a souped up graphics card running Windows Aero. Use sensors and that new FlexGo system to make sure they can only use the laptop when it's in their lap. After their nuts melt to their legs, they won't be able to do bad things to people anymore. The heat problem is so bad, I'm seriously considering modding my Toshiba Tablet Dock II for liquid cooling and/or fans.

    Okay, most of what he had to say was positive, but this caption had me laughing all day. The new Outlook and overall performance gets rave reviews, but the overheating problem is more serious then you might think.

  5. Growth of a Nation: If you've forgotten the significance of the 49th parallel, need a primer on the Mexican War, or can't remember what the Gadsden purchase was for, then watch this 10-minute video. My dad sent this to me for my kids to watch, but it was actually a nice refresher. My gut tells me that this has no place in DORNA, but I have to do something with it.

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