Saturday, April 29, 2006

No, Mama, he...The-The search continues.

Grumble, grumble. I've been trying to get one of the names of the tool girls from the Satisfaction video, but no luck yet. I did find out, however, that one of the girls is named Natasha Mealey (maybe the masonry drill or the belt sander).

When she's not busy working hard with power tools, apparently, here:

...yeah. That's her, serving as target practice for parachuting babies in the Boogie Pimps video, Somebody to Love. While I'm sure there's some kind of symbolism at work here, I refuse to acknowledge it.

I am a little concerned with a lack of an IMDB-type website for music videos. I found two contenders, but both were rather lacking. The Music Video Database is slow and unresponsive (is that redundant?) despite a claim of over 48k videos. And when you do get something, it looks unfortunately like this:

Wow, the level of detail is truly mind boggling. I like being able to sort by director, editor, or cinematographer, and I can only imagine what exciting things they have in store for the trivia section. ("Which one of these girls has had babies parachuting into her crotch?")

Unfortunately, no credits on the actors/models in the video. The other contender was Bogodir, and I was excited when they promised that "we have director videographies, Director of Photograhy credits, Editors, VFX staff, actors and actresses and location info." Oh yes, girl operating the 2-speed battery drill was soon to be mine. But alas, Bogodir seems to be a front for Clipland.

Clipland actually emerged as a third contender, with a lot of the same information as the MVDB. It even has a story field -- "A few girls dressed in safety glasses operating two-speed power drills, Belt Sanders, Dual Actions Saws and Heavy Breakers." That description seems lacking, but I'm not sure I can elaborate any more than that. Hmm...maybe I'll buy the ring tone while I at Clipland.

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