Thursday, April 27, 2006

Maybe I should concede? Um, no.

Check out Four Second Fury (from where each game only lasts 4 seconds, although it sounds like they stole the soundtrack from the Never Ending Story. What I find fascinating is how quickly most flash games get on your nerves. As much as I love Power Fox (I love that little guy...sniff) and fighting Zorro's ninja horse, the novelty wears off pretty fast.

Although, if you want to check out the theme song for the new Wendy's hamburger commercials, you heard it here first--fighting Hannibal and his elephant. (And yes, someone is likely to comment that song is actually made by an artist and has a title, but I don't care. Unless you're getting me pumped up to eat a sandwich or fight an elephant with only my solitary boxing glove, you sir, are irrelevant.)

Only Conqueror and Nanaka Crash have really entertained me for more than a day or two (although I can't deny that Sean is indeed getting on my nerves right now with his damn high scores).

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