Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Howard 100

So, I got my Sirius satellite radio turned on Sunday night just in time for Howard's first show. Very exciting all around, mostly because I've wanted satellite radio ever since I borrowed a friend's for my drive from NYC to Orlando last spring. I have the REPLAY receiver, so I can pause and rewind up to 44 minutes of the current station that is currently tuned. This allows me to skip the unbelievable ads that have infiltrated Howard's show. I know that if it continues past this year, I will be hitting the road back to my MP3 player, unless I can find a way to go to work 44 minutes later every day.

Personally, I feel betrayed. It's not so much the ads, but the shameless plugging when he tries to masquerade as though he's truly interested in GOLDEN****.COM by slipping it into the conversations. It's painful to watch the selling out. At least BREAK for MUCH SHORTER commercials. I gotta go.

Even more sneaky: They mentioned that Howard had something like 450,000 callers yesterday. Is that because when you are put on hold, you get to listen to the show for free? If that is the case, nice loophole.

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