Wednesday, January 18, 2006

ABC's Reasons for Axing "Emily"

(E! OnLine) – ABC has its reasons why not to continue production on Heather Graham's new sitcom. Despite the network's massive promotional effort behind Emily's Reasons Why Not, just 6.2 million viewers tuned in for the Jan. 9 debut of the female-friendly series. Based on its audience's apparent lack of interest in Emily, the Alphabet net elected to preempt the second episode of the sitcom with a rerun of the season premiere of The Bachelor Monday night. Though Graham and friends were slated to return to the lineup next Monday, the network shut down production on the show Friday, following the taping of the sixth episode and a decision by ABC to reduce its original order. Depending on how the Parisian exploits of this season's Bachelor fare with viewers, there's a good chance ABC may decide to pull the plug on Emily for good. "It is a shame," Gavin Polone, the show's executive producer, told Daily Variety. "A lot of people were working really hard and the show kept improving. Sony spent a huge amount of money and were very supportive. I can't fault ABC, though: they promoted it like crazy and when the audience stays away, in this supercompetitive environment, quick decisions are made. That's the television business."

It's funny, but Heather Graham's appearance on Letterman a few weeks ago was so horrible I thought Dave was going to retire when it was over. He was clearly bored out of his mind, and Heather's idea of what made an interesting late night anecdote was like listening to a third grader talk about a mud pie he made earlier that day. Bottom line, this move doesn't surpriseme at all, and I didn't even know when the show was airing ( time..ever).

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