Thursday, January 12, 2006

Headphones for microphones?

You know what I need? A muffler for my microphone. I have headphones, which make it possible to play games, listen to music, etc.. at any desired volume without bothering my family, but what about my microphone. I can't take advantage of the radio contact that is so necessary in games like Counter-Strike because talking is not an option late at night. What I need is an invention that cancels my voice from anywhere except straight into the microphone, like the Smokeless ashtray. How can I make my voice one-directional, aside from wearing some sort of acoustic helmet?

I know that directional sound is around the corner, but I'd like to play online right now, so if you are working on this invention, hurry up. My family is sleeping in the next room.

If you have invented this amazing machine, please comment immediately and send me one, for free. If you could pay the postage, too, that would be great. If not, I understand. At least post a link where I can get one myself, with little effort.

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