Monday, January 09, 2006

Dick Vermeil’s wife tells him to stop crying all the time like a pussy

Faced with spending more time with her husband now that he has retired from coaching, Dick Vermeil’s wife, Carol, implored her husband today to “stop acting like a pansy” and “quite all the f—king crying already.”“Dick is a good person and I love him,” said Carol, “but I married a man, not some pathetic, crying, little girl. I can’t spend all day around this sad, whimpering, testosterone-free, shell of a man. He needs to put a cork in the water works or I’m going to leave and find myself a man who hasn’t had his testicles removed.”Vermeil said he was surprised to hear his wife’s opinion.“I never knew how much my crying hurt her,” Vermeil said, “and, and … it, it … it really cuts me to the core,” he added, bursting into tears.

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