Monday, February 20, 2006

'Spamalot' Addresses an Image Problem

NEW YORK (NY Times) – The Shubert Theater, home to the hit musical "Monty Python's Spamalot," has a new look. Gone from its facade, where it was flanked by images of a rabbit with a bloody mouth and a cow, is the image of a young woman in a low-cut dress, pursing her lips and playing with her hair. It was removed after a model sued, contending that it showed her in a foolish and undignified way without her permission, The Associated Press reported. The show's advertising and marketing agency, Serino Coyne, said in a statement, "After learning that the model objected to having her picture associated with 'Spamalot,' we decided to stop using her image, even though we firmly believe that we can legally use it." Susan Taylor, the employee who released the statement, said she would not comment on the status of the lawsuit, filed last month by Carla Collins. Ms. Collins said in court papers that the photograph was taken nearly two years ago after she finished a photo session in Cape Town.

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