Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Rolling Stones Decry Super Bowl Censorship

(AP) – Nobody turns off the microphone on Mick Jagger without a fight. Censorship of their songs during the Super Bowl halftime show was "absolutely ridiculous and completely unnecessary," the Rolling Stones said through a spokeswoman on Tuesday. The NFL, which produced the show seen on ABC Sunday night, silenced Jagger's microphone during sexually suggestive passages of two of the three songs the band performed before an audience of 90 million television viewers. The football league, still nervous over the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction two years ago at the Super Bowl, has said it wanted to ensure family entertainment at the game. "The band was aware of our plan to simply lower Mick's mike at the appropriate moments," said Brian McCarthy, NFL spokesman. "It was discussed with the group last week prior to the Super Bowl." He declined further comment on the Stones' statement.

Fucking unbelievable. Why even bother? The Simpsons had it dead on when they had Ned Flanders do their SuperBowl halftime show and the world revolted.

Try to entertain everyone and you entertain no one.

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