Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Daily Dose of Excel - 2005 - March , 16

Daily Dose of Excel - 2005 March , 16: "I can't tell Steve to write in VB6 today. You're one Windows Update away from code that fails. You can write in .Net, but there's risk there. If Microsoft can throw away VB6 code assets so easily, what are you going to do in 10 years when .Net is old news? Are you going to rewrite your tens of thousands of lines of code in MS's flavor of the day?
Here's your choices as I see them.
Write in .Net and understand the risks. Resign yourself to rewriting your code every 10 years, and if you don't have to, then it's a bonus.
Write in C++. Microsoft writes its stuff in C++ and you'll notice that C++ hasn't gone anywhere. They know how to protect their code assets. So long as your language is the same as theirs, you'll be fine.
Write in Visual FoxPro. I don't know the whole story behind this, but from what I gather MS was going to dump VFP. Someone(s) made the right stink to the right people and it came back. There seems to be some freakish cult of VFP programmers and that's one program that doesn't seem to be going away.
Dump MS. I've heard of VB6 programmers moving to Delphi, Sun's Java and REALBasic. "

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