Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dane Cook pimps Waiting...

URL: Dane Cook just Bloggin' Away!
By Dane Cook
Hi fans of blogs and of the information superhighway. Dane Cook here. I play Floyd. Floyd is one of the cooks working in the kitchen at Shenanigan's restaurant. And he likes to mess with peoples heads. He's a real charmer though and when he's not working there he helps kids at a camp nearby. This is not in the movie and is never indicated but I know its true.He also drives a one of a kind Ferrari prototype that was given to him by a dying uncle who was owed a favor by a guy he knew that worked at Ferrari. Again this is NOT a scene in the film but I allude to it in the way I serve up food orders. It's all in the acting. The subtle moments that make you think ... "hmmm I bet this guy has a one of a kind automobile and ... I don't know .... helps children in need when he's not working." I also want to say to anyone in high school that was a jerk to me I forgive you. It's easy to do that because I'm in this movie.Dane Cookwww.DANECOOK.com

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