Saturday, July 02, 2005 - Roland : TR-808

Nothing quite sounds like an 8-0-8!
Beastie Boys

"The Roland TR-808 is a revolutionary computer-controlled rhythm machine which offers up to 768 measures of programming at a time. In addition, this unit offers more percussive variations and more effects than virtually any other unit on the market. With it you can visualize patterns and real-time processing, program complete songs, and do just about everything else a rhythm machine should do with more accuracy and less trouble.

* "Number of rhythms:
o Basic, A/B x 12
o Intro/Fill-in, A/B x 4
* Rhythm and track:
o 64 measures x 12 tracks (768 measures by using 12-tracks)
* Measure Divisions:
o 32 steps can be selected at maximum as desired
* Sound Sources:
o Bass drum
o Snare drum
o Low, Mid, Hi Tom/Conga
o Rimshot/Claves
o Handclap/Maracas
o Cow bell
o Cymbal
o Open hi-hat & Closed hi-hat
o Accent" (NOTE: Accent isn't a sound. Instead it lets you place accents on certain beats in the bar. All instruments playing on these beats are accented.)

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