Thursday, February 01, 2007

When tattoos look like this, sign me up

So much for Shadow Puppet theater. What can I say about this guy? These pictures are amazing. Guido Daniele takes making hand animals to a whole new level. There's not a whole lot left to the imagination about the animals here, and there's not much to say, except check them out. I could cut and paste the Reader's Digest article about him and these creations, but it's easier to just follow the link.

I'm sure I'll catch some flak from gstdog for the lack of a souvenir tie-in, and for a bit of a miss on an original angle here, but I can defend this post. First, I'm not even sure that gstdog even reads this blog anymore, judging by the fact that I haven't seen a post from him since about, oh, 1997. Secondly, if I wait any longer for gstdog to post his next fascinating insight into evenly sliced pizza or overzealous beer pong players, this blog will become even less relevant than it already is. So I thank you, loyal reader (you know who you are) for your patience in our content drought. I hope you find this exposure to a talented and original artist worthwhile, and maybe we'll see you again soon.


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