Thursday, October 19, 2006

Required Reading for Anyone with a Business Idea

Anyone who has ever thought about trying to take an idea and turn it into a business should read this article. Phil Vischer gives an amazing account of the rise and fall of Veggie Tales in this 11-part series on his website ( Yes, it's 11 pages, but trust me--you'll be enlighted.

I learned more reading this article than in most of my MBA classes.


Yojay said...

Sweet. You just saved me some bucks. Screw MBA school.

Yojay said...

"Surely God was pleased with the impact we were having. Surely he was pleased by our efforts to have even more impact. Surely he could use Jonah to cover up the mistakes of our past, erase our fiscal shortcomings and set us on the road to renewed health and ministry. The way I saw it, to choose the second option was to lose faith in God. I wouldn't do it."

This isn't in MBA school? My company's tanking, let's pray?