Saturday, September 02, 2006

So, what did you do last weekend?

If those sharks in the previous post had laser beams on their heads, that would have been much cooler.

So, keeping with the theme of life changing events in the lives of our editors, I think I had one that qualifies last weekend. Gstdog and I travelled to Atlanta to fulfill our annual obligation to participate in a Fantasy Football draft. Half of the League lives in Orlando, and last year the Atlanta guys came down, so it was our turn to reciprocate.

That was not the life changing event. The picture below is the point of the story:

What you see here is a digital snapshot of my daughter's nursery. A little light on the decor, you might say. A little light on the crib, toys, clothes and furniture, you might also say.

And you'd be right. When I left for Atlanta on Friday, it was full of everything listed above, including an adorable 14-month old baby girl, every night since we moved here in November of 2005. So where is everything, you ask? Good question.

Apparently, mom wasn't happy, so she left. She left while dad was out of town and she decided that my daughter should leave as well. She also took everything she owns, as well as almost everything that anyone had given our daughter. She took the food from the kitchen that she had brought into the house. She took the lawn mower her dad had found at a garage sale for $5. She took her dishes, pots, pans, silverware and furniture. She even cleaned out her part of the junk drawer.

In short, I am suddenly a 36-year old, single father living alone in a 2900 sq. ft house.

My life has changed.

Oh, and I'm getting a lawyer on Tuesday.

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