Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Who wants a pick me up?

Flickr goodness...Infrared photography style.

The Bell Tower in Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia. When you die, that is it. The myriad of biochemical systems that have to constantly keep reactions going to sustain life relax toward equilibrium. The whole system shuts down, stops to function as an organism as whole in the environment. We as people have partitioned out tracts of land to bury our useless non-functional bodies in elaborate expensive crates, marked by carved slabs of stone. But just because our bodies have relaxed to equilibrium, does not stop the world from slowly tearing the remaining matter back into dust. A cemetery just delays the inevitable. We live for just a mere few tens of years, We can only remain buried for few hundred million, if you were lucky to fossilize. In several billion the sun will exhaust its fuel, and expand to swallow the earth whole in one gulp. All those atoms that make up your body will join the others to swim in giant ball of fire. In meantime, we keep putting bodies in the ground, and it makes for interesting photography, especially with the magic camera.

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Gstdog said...

Sounds like the author needs to get laid. Who wrote that?