Sunday, December 04, 2005

Man charged with hiding body of lottery winner's granddaughter

I've highlighted in red everything you need to know about this story.

WINFIELD, West Virginia (AP) -- The body of a Powerball jackpot winner's 17-year-old granddaughter was hidden under a van for weeks after she died of a drug overdose, police said.

The teen's boyfriend, Brandon Crosier, 19, was charged Thursday with unlawful disposal of a body and with two unrelated felony drug charges.

Brandi Bragg died December 5, 2004, of a drug overdose in the home of Steve Crosier, Brandon Crosier's father. Her death came two years after her grandfather, Jack Whittaker, won nearly $315 million in the Powerball lottery -- the largest single jackpot in history.

Brandon Crosier found Bragg dead, then wrapped her in a tarp and blanket, took her body outside and hid it under a broken-down van in his family's front yard, state police said.


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