Monday, August 03, 2009

PHP development editors list

My foray into PHP publishing.  Where do you start?

Well, I started by reading some books about PHP on  Then, after creating a very simple PHP program that queried a very simple table, I googled PHP Editors, which led me to the term PHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment).  At first I though this was the name of a product, but then I found that it is the name of a type of product.

My search took my to and then I was off to this article comparing many of the top of the line editors.

I got this list from the link above:

  • PDT 1
  • PDT 2.0
  • Zend Studio 6
  • NetBeans 6.5
  • NetBeans 7 (development version)
  • Aptana PHP
  • Aptana Studio Pro
  • Codelobster *
  • Nusphere PhpED 5.6 *

and this link compares them all.

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annaharris said...

I have started PHP development before 3 years ago with help of website.