Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Grammar Dog to Bite Hand that Feeds Him

From the wonderful t-shirt of my friend yojay:

"If you close your mind, don't forget to close your mouth" Good advice. if this offends then you're probably the target audience. Relax and go cue up some Beatles tunes.

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Yojay said...

Aside from the lower case "if" and the "Good advice" sentence fragment, I don't see any problems here. I'm not sure the use of 'cue' here is entirely incorrect. To begin the playing of a music in a theater show (i.e. on command), one must 'cue the music'.

The use of the word 'up' is somewhat superfluous and could be considered slang. However, when a headline of an article at a newspaper called the "International Herald Tribune" agrees with me, then it's basically settled.

Cue up the music, choose the rooms

Yet another reason why it's important not to hire illiterate co-editors.