Friday, November 09, 2007

80's Halloween theme costumes

For the record, I was not looking for porn when I came up with these ideas for 80's Halloween costumes.

Although not a comprehensive list by any means, these were ideas that I thought I could maybe make on the cheap. I pulled these from a few Youtube sessions and my sketchy childhood memory.

  • Functional Rubik's Cube
  • Twinkie the Kid
  • Connect 4 Game
  • Crazy Glue Guy hanging from girder
  • New Coke can
  • Wham! (CHOOSE LIFE...dye hair blond)
  • Freedom Rock Guy
  • Chia Pet
  • Optimus Prime
  • GI Joe (Obscure Shipwreck)
  • Marty McFly - Orange vest, skateboard
  • Kool-Aid Man

I ended up going as Indiana Jones because a friend of mine had access to an official costume.

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