Friday, July 06, 2007

Addicted to Star Wars

So, when it comes to fan created content, anything goes these days. But Addicted to Star Wars may be one of the coolest fan-created projects ever. From what I can gather, someone with an online persona of WOOKIE GROOMER over at has been frustrated with Lucasfilm's lack of effort in releasing high def versions of the Star Wars trilogy. Since George and company have left the SW community high and dry, WOOKIE GROOMER decided to do something about it. Culling together as many high def sources of the movies as he could, he has single handedly reencoded and published all 6 movies in HD. He encoded each movie separately, even splitting out the different versions of each, like his DVD of SW:A New Hope (1977) vs SW:A New Hope (2004).

The catch is that you have to know how to download from alt.binaries.starwars. The coup de gras is Addicted to Star Wars, an 8GB encoding of all 6 Star Wars movies playing simultaneously on-screen. You can switch between audio tracks of each film, including an extra track with all 6 audio tracks playing simultaneously.

It's an amazing piece of fan content overall, and is one of those projects that turned out cooler than anyone could have anticipated.

There are screenshots below from Addicted to Star Wars and SW: A New Hope. If this looks interesting to you, good luck and happy hunting.


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