Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Cam'ron gets shot

Rapper Cam'ron was shot and wounded early Sunday morning during a carjacking that went wrong, and was treated at Howard University Hospital. According to his manager, Big Joe, he was stopped at a traffic light around midnight when a man attempted to steal his Lamborghini. When Cam'ron refused to give up the car and tried to drive away, the gunman fired a single shot which went through both of Cam'ron's arms.
'People are foolish if they think I'm going to lose my head and give up anything to anyone just because someone threatens me,' Cam'ron said in a statement. 'I'm doing OK. It takes more than a botched carjacking to keep me down.'
I'm curious as to how the carjacker could be so stupid, though. When a Lamborghini drives by, pretty much everybody within a 100 meter radius is staring at it, so what kind of genius decides that that's the time to make their move and try to steal the damn thing? Maybe these idiots should aim a little lower and go for the Honda Civics parked in an alleyway, leaving the celebrity Lamborghinis to more capable carjackers. Like ninjas. Or really strong monkeys with swords."

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