Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Metaphilm - Star Wars: "Hypertime is the imaginary system in which all possible universes exist, and in which different versions of reality can mix and match, altering each other temporarily or permanently, in a completely fluid fashion. Superman can be the sole survivor of the planet Krypton in one story and have a cousin named Supergirl in another story?and continuity-obsessed fans can?t do a damn thing about it now because an all-purpose, internal explanation for such contradictions has been given. The exhausted editors must have been high-fiving each other when they came up with Hypertime, convinced they?d gotten the fans off their backs once and for all. (Rumors are nonetheless afoot that DC Comics will blow up its universe again for good measure in 2005; there is a constant tension in comic books between the desire for the characters to accumulate interesting historical baggage and the desire to retell their basic, streamlined stories and this time get it right.) "

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