Friday, September 16, 2005

Trimobius Disney Cabinet Original post

Originally, I formed the FDC (Future Disney Cabinet) as a loose online gag to see what kind of support I could get if I planned a mock Disney coup back in 1993. I later used this as the foundation for this bizarre mockery of a newsgroup troll who wouldn't stop crying about Disney stealing his *MAGICAL* hat, the TRIMOBIUS.


Claude Nichols wrote:

> Enough of you have been asking about FDC through e-mail lately that I
> decided to post some of the answers to the questions that have been
> asked!

> So, hang on tight....heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere we go! :)

> ***************************************************************************
> **************
> What is FDC?
> **************
> FDC stands for Future Disney Cabinet. Let me explain. :)

> A long time ago, actually YEARS ago...on Rec.Arts.Disney newsgroup
> a guy named Sean Squire decided (jokingly) that he would like to

Actually, what he meant to write was

Sean Squier...

Sean SQUIRE is my evil twin responsible for the formation of the TDC,
or TRIMOBIUS DISNEY CABINET, a team devoted to the production, marketing,
and trademark/copyright protection of an amazing new piece of headwear,
the TRIMOBIUS! Apparently, some inventor came up with the idea of a reversible,
reversible, reversible, reversible, reversible, reversible hat (6 TIMES,
can you believe it?), gave it to Disney, and then mysteriously disappeared.

Well, with amazing luck, and Disney definitely has its share, this magical
new hat started sweeping through Disney Stores across the nation, creating a
consumer panic the likes of which we haven't seen since the introduction of
the Cabbage Patch Doll. The TDC predicts sales of this phenomenal new hat
will soon outpace revenue generated by Disney's fledgling motion picture division,
and is therefore preparing for the future. In true 'Disney Cabinet' style, the
TDC is making this official call for support, hoping that by filling key
positions early, a clean transition of management can be made painlessly and
seamlessly, when the time is right.

With the overwhelming response generated by what can only be called TRIMOBIUS
fever at this point, Disney is faced with an important decision. The TDC
believes Disney has no choice but to create a fourth company division to
REVERSIBLE HEADWEAR! And when that decision is made, the TDC will be there,
with the skills and resources necessary to lead the new division into the next

Currently held positions:

Sean Squire - Evil Twin and Future President - The Magical Reversible Headwear Division

Currently the TDC is in need of the following positions:

Director of Marketing
Director of Production - Domestic
Director of Production - International
Phenomenally Loony inventor to create matching socks and possible evening wear
Vice President in charge of Legal Affairs
Hundreds of Patent and Copyright Attorneys
A couple more Patent and Copyright Attorneys, just to be safe
Director of Licensing (to secure rights for numerous opportunities including:
Cabbage Patch TRIMOBIUS
TRIMOBIUS for Barbie
G.I. Joe with TRIMOBIUS Jungle Pack (TRIMOBIUS socks sold separately)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TRIMOBIUS sewer disguise
NFL TRIMOBIUS, with 6 of your favorite teams)
Director of Motion Picture development
(for 'A Mouse and his Magical Reversible Hat - The TRIMOBIUS Story', Touchstone Pictures
starring Steve Guttenberg as the Loony inventor
special appearance by Gary Coleman as 'the hat')

Please respond to to apply for the above positions, or just post
that you claimed it and fight it out amongst yourselves.

As always, new positions can be created at the discretion of the reader.

'In the SPIRIT of the TDC - REVERSE!!'

Sean Squier
(Future CEO - The Walt Disney Company)

(Imagine if he'd spelled my first name wrong too! =-) )

BTW, what's this MICKEYGATE thing all about...? =-)


Anonymous said...

Future CEO of Disney? Are you on some sort of illegal pixie dust?

Yojay said...

College pipe dream..from '93.